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spacemacs: check git status

Check git status using SPC g s

HTTP to HTTPS Redirection for Bamboo behind Elastic Load Balancer with Tomcat

We are running bamboo server in AWS. We decided to use Elastic loadbalancer rather than exposing the tomcat server directly. For this to work we need two important configuration in Tomcat server of the Bamboo instance. Allow tomcat to accept running behind ELB. Lets say we are running tomcat on port 8085. Change the connector configuration in {BAMBOO-INSTALL-DIR}/conf/server.xml <Connector protocol="HTTP/1.1" port="8085" maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads="25" connectionTimeout="20000" disableUploadTimeout="true" acceptCount="100" enableLookups="false" maxHttpHeaderSize="8192" useBodyEncodingForURI="true" URIEncoding="UTF-8" redirectPort="443" proxyName="bamboo.

How to manage your dotfiles

Treat dotfiles as code As a developer, i have spent lot of time in making my configuration suitable for my me. I would hate to lose all those effort when i lose it. Create a repository on github (or any git hosting solution) and store it there. My dotfiles are at Write a Makefile Write a Makefile so that you can install specific configuration. For example i use make emacs to install my emacs configuration.

Change directory 10x faster

If you are using cd to change directory then you are doing it wrong. fasd is an alternative tool which will make you 10x faster. fasd maintains a list of frequently accessed directories and does a fuzzy jump and jumps to that directory. Faster Jump I have added alias "j" to fasd_cd -d fast jump to directories Faster open file I have added alias "vi" to fasd -f -e 'emacsclient -t' fast find my recently accessed file and open it.

Template for Jenkins Plugins in groovy

Writing a jenkins plugin in groovy is simple and elegant. I have used gradle as a build tool. Clone jenkins-helloworld-groovy-plugin template git clone Build the Plugin.This will generate build/libs/hello-world-groovy.hpi ./gradlew build Install the plugin in jenkins. You should see a Build step called say Hello

ncdu - A Must have disk usage analyzer tool

A disk usage analyzer tool for your laptop as well as on servers.

Zsh Tips 1: Creating multiple directories

To create following directory structure mkdir -p ~/{personal, work}/{notes, todo}

ccat a replacement for cat

ccat is a syntax highlighter for cat. It is a better replacement for cat.

Blogging from Emacs with hugo and org-mode

Hugo v0.19 added support for org mode in hugo. You can write org files and hugo will natively parse it and generate static pages. This is the content of this blog in an org file. #+TITLE: Blogging from Emacs with hugo and org-mode #+DATE: 2017-03-28 #+PUBLISHDATE: 2017-03-28 #+DRAFT: false Hugo v0.19 added support for org mode in hugo. You can write org files and hugo will natively parse it and generate webpages.

Tools that i can't live without: fzf

1. Fuzzy search in shell history with ctrl+r With fzf, you can have fuzzy search when using ctrl+r to search through shell history. 2. Fuzzy search for files and folders to be used with vi, emacs, … You can quickly search for files and folders recursively in a directory with Ctrl-t 3. Fuzzy search subfolder to jump to it You can quickly jump to any subdirectory with alt-c