Change directory 10x faster

If you are using cd to change directory then you are doing it wrong. fasd is an alternative tool which will make you 10x faster. fasd maintains a list of frequently accessed directories and does a fuzzy jump and jumps to that directory.

Faster Jump

I have added alias "j" to fasd_cd -d fast jump to directories


Faster open file

I have added alias "vi" to fasd -f -e 'emacsclient -t' fast find my recently accessed file and open it. /img/fasd_file.gif

ncdu - A Must have disk usage analyzer tool

A disk usage analyzer tool for your laptop as well as on servers.

Zsh Tips 1: Creating multiple directories

To create following directory structure /img/zshdirview.png

mkdir -p ~/{personal, work}/{notes, todo}

ccat a replacement for cat

ccat is a syntax highlighter for cat. It is a better replacement for cat.

Fuzzy search of shell history with ctrl+r

With fzf, you can have fuzzy search when using ctrl+r to search through shell history.

Better way to search and kill process on commandline

With fzf, you can have fuzzy search on process name and kill it.

zsh: Avoid duplicate in shell history

Add the following line to your .zshrc

export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth:erasedups

Vim: Save an opened file as a root user

If you have opened a file in vim as non root user but you want to save the changes as root user.

:w !sudo tee %